Summer '18 Official Link Up

Into Robotics, Engineering, Coding, STE(A)M & Tech?

Whether you're an enthusiast, novice or technology professional, the Official AfroBot Boyz Link Up in Summer '18 will be enlightening for all in attendance. We are linking youth with interest with young professionals in an interactive space for a unique experience in technology.  

Ever Built a Robot?

This is your chance to see 'the brain' of a Robot come to life. Be sure to email us your interest as this presentation will require materials for each builder. 

the (A) in STE(A)M

Because I started out as a sketch artist, this presentation will explore careers and products centered around the Art in STEM. Bring your cool to wildest ideas to bring to life in collaboration. 

What *exactly does an Engineer do?

You may have heard someone being an Engineer, in various fields, and they're all possible for you! In this presentation we'll learn how from those in the know!

One Word. Endless Possibilities. Legos.

There'll be challenges, ideas, teams? Lets just put all the pieces on the table and see what we can create. Stay tuned for clues...

What's YOUR Idea or Question?

We'd like to know what you're building, learning and/or would like to learn about together. Email us and put Summer Link Up Idea in the Subject line and tell us what you'd like to explore. Go BIG!